The problem

A typically-busy family routine, based on our research

Families often have no time or energy to connect with one another and they end up spending a lot of their free time together on digital - they are worried about their kids and possibly their own mental health but they simply don’t know what to do about it.

Screens are a distraction from the human connection that is essential for resilience. This is why we are focused on leveraging screen-free, IoT technology and highly engaging product design.

No parent lets their child go more than a day without brushing their teeth; we believe the same paradigm shift is required for mental health. If you don’t engage in regular mental health habits then your kids will be at risk of developing more severe problems down the line.

A typically-busy family routine, based on our research

The solution

Bounce Home is a service that helps busy families become emotionally empowered citizens of the 21st century.

We believe that the growing crisis in mental health amongst young people can be reversed if we give families with younger kids the tools, knowledge, and empowerment they need.

We help create daily moments that count - building emotional empowerment through connection.

Our service will strengthen family bonds at a time when families - the bedrock of our society - are falling apart.

Our service will include ...

The Emotionally Smart Device

Smart devices using gentle cues like voice, light and sound will help families embed habits that cultivate the best human qualities.

The Emotionally Smart Home

Our service delivers easy-to-implement, playful, evidence-based activities that will allow you to create those ‘daily moments that count’.

Where are we headed?

Imagine a world where families like yours were more emotionally tuned in, living with greater integrity and purpose, contributing to a better world.

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